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    • Who can join the Bean Up Coffee Training course?

      Barista course at Bean Up is open to all audiences, regardless of age or experience. As long as you have the same love for coffee and love for the profession of Barista, you are eligible to participate in Bean Up's course. Whether you aspire to be a barista or simply brew a cup of coffee at home, Bean Up is sure to have the right course for your needs.

    • What is special about Bean Up's training program?

      • Bean Up Coffee Training's training program based on recruitment needed in other countries (Australia, Canada, UK, ...). Therefore, Bean Up commits 95% of the course to practice to ensure the effectiveness and practicality of each program.
      • The main subjects participating in the coffee course at Bean Up are international students, working on vacations or living abroad.

    • What is the class size at Bean Up?

      Bean Up limits the number of students in each class to ensure the quality of teaching and maximize students' practice time
      • Melbourne: 04 students/class
      • Saigon: 06 students/class

    • How is Bean Up course materials provided?

      100% of the study materials at Bean Up are online materials. This makes it easy for students to quickly access the material. In addition, the document will be refreshed every 3 months to update the latest knowledge.

    • Is artistic talent necessary when studying barista?

      Latte Art is the part of barista's art course. And if you are gifted, you will learn in a short time. However, the study materials at Bean Up will provide maximum support so that you can perform this subject during your study period and commit to achieving the output criteria of the course.

    • Do students need to prepare anything before taking the course at Bean Up?

      Tuition fee includes materials and materials used during the course. For effective learning outcomes, students are encouraged to review the material before each class session.


    • Where can view Bean Up course schedule?

      • Bean Up Saigon: The class schedule is published and updated on the Website and Fanpage on the 15th of each month for the following month (eg: February 15th will announce the class schedule for March).
      • Bean Up Melbourne: The class schedule is notified to students after 2-3 working days after receiving the application.

    • How to register for a course at Bean Up?

      The process to register for a barista course at Bean Up (Melbourne or Saigon) is as follows:
      1/ Choose the right course
      2/ Choose a suitable class schedule (In Saigon)
      3/ Fill in the registration form
      4/ Receive Bean Up's notification and confirmation about the class schedule
      5/ Payment of tuition fees
      6/ Receive and read online materials before coming to school

    • How to get scholarships and promotions for Bean Up course?

      • Information about scholarships and promotions will be updated continuously on Fanpage Bean Up. You can visit Bean Up Fanpage to follow!
      • Discount for group registration is applicable to both Bean Up Melbourne and Saigon. For more program details, please send a request to Bean Up using the form at the bottom of the page.

    • Are there any extra fees for signing up for the Bean Up course?

      Tuition fees at Bean Up include all costs during the course and do not have any additional fees (eg: printing fees, materials fees, …).

    • Policy on course reservation and tuition refund at Bean Up Saigon

      • Course fee will be refunded 70% if cancellation notice > 7 days before the start of class. 100% refund when notice 14 days before the opening date.
      • Tuition fees can still be reserved and transferred to the same course for another period of time if students notify 7 days before the start date.
      • A surcharge of 50% of the course price if the notice of class cancellation is less than 7 days before the start of the course

    • Policy on course reservation and tuition refund at Bean Up Melbourne

      • Tuition will be refunded 100% if canceled 7 days before the start of the school day
      • Tuition will be refunded 20% if the cancellation notice is less than 7 days and 24 hours before the start date
      • An additional fee of $50 if students change classes less than 24 hours before the start date.
      • A surcharge of $50 for changing school days if students are more than 15 minutes late

    • What are the policies on changing learners when registering for a course at Bean Up?

      After paying 100% of the tuition fee and the course has not taken place, students can transfer the course to another person. However, once the class has started, students will not be able to transfer the course to anyone and will apply a reservation or refund policy.